Mesoestetic is a leading brand in the field of medical cosmetic presenting a wide range of specialized and highly effective products which result from a firm commitment from the brand in research, development, and innovation.

Born in Spain, in 1984, by the hands of Joan Carles Font and Mª José Almansa, this brand offers top quality products that meet strict quality and safety controls whose results are proven scientifically.




Lipolytic solution c.prof221



  • Fat Mobilizing effect
  • Reduce the size and number of the adipocytes


Photoaging solution c.prof211



  • Antiaging action with  flash effect

Counteracts  the  signs  of  skin aging caused by photo damage  with active antioxidants ,moisturizing and  firming ingredients. Protects  skin from further damages while improving  fine lines ,wrinkles and loss  of elasticity.

Depigmentation  solution  c.prof210



  • Skin depigmentation and  whitening  effect
  • Whitening ,pigmentary alterations correcting and  antioxidant action 

Mesoestetic  mesohyal  X-DNA



  • Cell membrane protection

Moisturizing solution containing highly base of hyaluronic acid.

Mesoestetic mesohyal NCTC 109



  • Intensive cell biorevitalisation

Revitalizing solution  packed  with   vitamins,amino acids ,mineral salts, coenzymes in base of  hyaluronic  acid.